Tuesday, 16 November 2010

NASA To Build Supersonic Aircraft - Flight Speed Is Five Times The Speed Of Sound

According to foreign media reports, NASA intends to manufacture in the Earth's atmosphere, the supersonic jet flight, the aircraft's flight speed is 5 times the speed of sound, thus greatly reducing the time to fly around the world, can be reduced up to several hours.

At this speed flight from New York to Sydney, only about 2 and a half hours, and now requires 21 hours flight. It is believed that the project is to fly to Mars in order to create a reusable aircraft, however, the use of the previous space technology, it is possible to have a tremendous impact passenger. According to NASA's Aviation 2010 recommendations, the council each year out of $ 5,000,000 to be allocated over the next 3 years to a new aircraft into reality. Goal is to develop a passenger can carry through the atmosphere, and safe landing of aircraft can be reused.

Full article: http://www.writernia.com/node/19973